2016 – a Pivotal year for Turning the Tide on Trident

Jeremy on National front pageThe ongoing plans to build four new submarines to keep the UK’s nuclear weapons system going for decades has made Trident headline news again thanks to Jeremy Corbyn’s appointment of an anti-Trident Defence Secretary. David Cameron has promised a parliamentary vote on Trident renewal sometime this year which is also keeping it high on the agenda. The vote has been expected this spring or summer although some think the Government will try and avoid it now in case it reveals the disarray in the project so far due to a shortage of engineers etc. Plus, as the Trident spending was in the budget a vote is not strictly necessary.

Trident subBut whether there is a parliamentary vote or not the Trident Renewal programme will be rolling along – and of course a Vanguard class submarine is still currently out at sea 24/7 armed with enough warheads to kill and maim millions and millions of people and cause devastation for years to come.

The Scrap Trident Coalition is kicking off campaigning in Scotland this year with a Day of Action across the country called Love the Planet – Scrap Trident on 14th February (of course!). Then we will send a big contingent down to London for the CND march and rally on February 27th to make Scotland’s opposition to Trident very clear down where such decisions are made.

Love the Planet logoWe are not just against Trident because it’s immoral, illegal, unsafe and a waste of money and resources, we are for a better future without the nuclear threat hanging over us all. The mindset  that threatens to use such a devastating weapon day in day out is the same one that thinks that peace is restored by bombing innocent civilians, that our security relies on keeping men, women and children from crossing our borders whatever inhumane conditions they have to endure, that flooding will stop by pouring more concrete and that our energy needs can be best met by fracturing the ground beneath our feet. The nuclear free world we want is also one where there is peace and justice for all and a collective caring for this wonderful planet that we live on.

On Sunday February 14th, Valentine’s Day, we will declare our love for the planet (and of course all its inhabitants) and demand that Trident is scrapped. The activity you choose can be varied, creative and fun. It can be as simple as a bit of leafletting or standing with a banner for an hour, it could be holding a street stall or running a public meeting, or putting up posters around the town, dropping a banner from a local landmark or some witty graffiti. Use the Valentines theme to hand out paper hearts, dress up and play some romantic music, the possibilities are endless. And you can work in an existing group or get together with a few like-minded folk or just do your own thing. And as it’s a Sunday maybe think of some different places where people gather than the usual spots. Let us know what you are planning by contacting us on Facebook or through this website

CND has called for a massive Stop Trident demonstration in London on Feb 27th to show that the opposition is growing. There will be a march to Trafalgar Square where some great speakers will address a rally including Nicola Sturgeon. We know it’s quite a trek from Scotland but this time it is really important to have a good Scottish crowd present. We have booked a bus which will leave Glasgow (George Square) at 9pm on the Friday 26th then onto Edinburgh (Waterloo Place) to leave around 10.15pm and down to London. This will have us arriving early morning (so that the driver gets a rest).

Bairns not bombs demo march

The march starts at noon and we will have a specific place for the Scottish bloc to meet up (details later). We leave London at 1800hrs on 27th arriving back into Edinburgh in the early hours. If you don’t have a car or a lift waiting, can’t get a night bus or stay with friends then e-mail Eileen  edinburghcnd@yahoo.com to arrange some local accommodation in Edinburgh.

Tickets which you can book online are £40 full price and there’s a supported ticket of £20 for students/ unwaged. (plus booking fee) As the bus is so expensive we are asking as many people as possible to pay full price. Maybe you know some people who are unable to go and who would subsidise you – it never hurts to ask.

If you can’t come you can give a donation to subsidise someone else either via Eventbrite (click get tickets) or by cheque or bank transfer. You could also help us by asking your local Trades Council for a donation. You can download a letter here. Or collect some funds yourself – collection sheet here

For those who would prefer to arrange their own transport to London there will be a “crash space” a tube ride away from the start of the march where you can sleep on a floor on Friday and / or Saturday night. Take your own sleeping bag and mat. It will also be possible to leave luggage there during the demo. and breakfast and an evening meal will be available. Book a place and food here

There are lots of good resources on CND’s website to help you spread the word and help us fill that bus.