33 Demos Against Trident Set for Saturday in Scotland

trident-no-more-posterPeople in at least thirtythree towns and cities across Scotland are set to hold flash demonstrations at noon tomorrow Saturday 16th July. From Wick to Dumfries, from Largs to Edinburgh people from all segments of Scottish civil sociey –  from faith groups to Yes Groups, from Scottish CND to Scottish Socialists and SNP and from Women for Indy to Scottish Greens and Scottish Labour –  will stand together to say Trident No More in advance of Monday’s Westminster vote on renewing the Trident nuclear weapons system.

Please help make sure as many people as possible know about the demos. Share the Facebook Demo event. The full list of locations of demonstrations with links to their individual Facebook events is here. Please Share your local Event too!

If a demo is not yet planned for your area it’s not to late to organise one. It only takes a few people with simple placards or a banner. How to organise a demo including graphics for placards, posters and a leaflet is here. If you’re on a demo be sure to Tweet your photos follow @ScrapTrident and use the Hashtag #TridentNoMore. If you want help or advice on organising demos or have a question contact us or via the Facebook event page here. Or via the webform here.

Clilck the image to download a pdf of the Leaflet for the Demo

Clilck the image to download a pdf of the Leaflet for the Demo

Email your MP to let them know you want them to vote to oppose Trident replacement.

Scottish Delegation Lobbies MPs

Earlier this week a delegation representing people from every constituency in Scotland travelled to London to lobby their MPs to vote against Trident renewal and asking them to demand that the UK abandons its boycott of UN talks on a nuclear weapons ban. Owen Thompson, MP for Midlothian, who has previously raised a motion in the house objecting to the convoys carrying nuclear warheads on Scottish roads, met the delegation and passed it on to other Scottish MPs.

Gwen Sinclair from Kilmarnock, who took part in yesterday’s Commons lobby of Scottish MPs said:

Janet Fenton and Gwen Sinclair with Owen Thompson MP

“I went to London because it is really important that our MPs know that we back them in their firm stand against nuclear weapons. It was so encouraging to meet with them, including my own MP Alan Brown. Back in Kilmarnock on Saturday we want to make sure that the Trident question gets full attention in the middle of all the other political shenanigans – after all Faslane is only 32 miles from here.”

From Dumbarton Les Robertson said:

“The people of Scotland have overwhelmingly voted for MPs and MSPs who support unilateral nuclear disarmament yet nuclear warhead convoys regularly travel through our towns and cities and their deadly cargo is stored just 30 miles from Glasgow. Its time to stop this madness and start investing in our communities rather than on weapons of mass destruction.”

Trident No More scrap yard truck edinburghFrom Edinburgh David Mackenzie said:

“We have of course known that the current Westminster regime (as indeed the previous Labour one) have been determined to shackle us to weapons of mass slaughter for decades to come. We of course have been aware of the preparations that have already been undertaken and the huge amounts of money already spent on the project. Yet, now that the Westminster parliament ooks set to endorse this appalling indication of how backward we are as a nation, we are utterly sickened.

Trident No More event photoIt is now clearer than ever that the only remaining feasible route for disarming the UK is Scottish independence. That does not mean that we sit on our hands until Scotland has the autonomy to remove Trident from the Clyde. We still have to struggle against this every inch of the way.”

SB graphic widget sizeJanet Fenton, who will travel with the delegation, said: “To vote for Trident renewal would be an appalling decision in itself but it would also show complete contempt for Scottish rejection of nuclear weapons. We are also being side-lined and misrepresented on the international stage by the UK’s refusal to show up for the UN’s multilateral disarmament negotiations. Does Theresa May really want to go down in history as the prime minister who led the UK into a further 50 years of nuclear insanity?”

For anyone who has ever opposed nuclear weapons this is a crucial moment to stand up and be counted as opposing Theresa May’s plan to base nuclear weapons in Scotland for 50 more years.