A message for the Scrap Trident activists from Noam Chomsky

Noam chomsky
During the recent Scrap Trident blockade of Faslane naval base, 45 activists were arrested for taking part in Non Violent Direct Action.

The Scrap Trident coalition is proud of these activists and their unyielding commitment to a world of peace. We believe that the authorities decision to charge them with ‘breach of the peace’ is a supreme irony. Many of them will shortly be informed of the dates of their court appearances to answer these charges. We will be supporting them. We also have a few words for them from no less a figure than Noam Chomsky who has kindly sent this message to Scrap Trident specifically for the arrested activists:

1 quotation marks redFifteen years ago the World Court determined that it is a legal responsibility of the nuclear powers to meet their commitment to devote themselves to removing these awful devices from the earth Further development of these systems is not only a violation of law; it also increases threats to survival that are constant and serious. Those who are acting courageously to uphold our obligations deserve our sincere respect and full support.2 quotation marks red