Alastair McIntosh says “Scrap Trident!”

The Scrap Trident coalition was delighted this week to receive a message of support from Alastair McIntosh, the Scottish academic, activist, poet and author of the powerful and provocative book Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power. He told us:

1 quotation marks greenTo me, Trident is more than just a portable incinerator of human life. Trident is of the deepest psychological and spiritual significance to who we are collectively as a nation. You can argue that nuclear weapons have ‘kept the peace’ for nearly seventy years. But at what price to who we are, and to what we might otherwise have become?

Jesus (if you think he matters) never taught ‘just war’ theory. He taught outright nonviolence. But even within the terms of ‘just war’ theory such as the nation and the military espouse, Trident violates all notions of proportionality. Its payload is its message. It testifies we’d rather draw down Hell than seek a better way. What does that mean? I’m sorry to use such antiquated language, but Trident pushes me. It speaks of something nothing less than the demonic. 2 quotation marks green