Demonstrations Planned for 31 Towns across Scotland Saturday as Delegation representing Every Constituency Travels to London to Lobby UK Parliament

A Scottish delegation representing people from every constituency in Scotland will travel to the mass lobby organised by CND at the UK parliament on Wednesday asking MPs vote against Trident renewal whilst demonstrations calling for scrapping Trident are planned to take place in 31 towns and cities (so far) across Scotland at noon on Saturday 16 July.

trident-no-more-posterThe delegation will be presenting pleas from people in every constituency in Scotland to all Scottish MPs urging them not only to vote against Trident but urging them also to demand that the UK abandons its boycott of the UN negotiations in August and works with other states for a nuclear weapons ban.

Owen Thompson, MP for Midlothian, who has previously raised a motion in the house objecting to the convoys carrying nuclear warheads on Scottish roads, will meet the delegation, accept the statement and pass it on to other Scottish MPs.

Notable signatories include Bruce McGregor, presenter of Travelling Folk and Scottish academic Founding director of the Gal Gael Trust Alistair McIntosh. Faith communities including Episcopalian, Buddhists, and Hare Krishna followers, are represented as well as a variety of people from different political persuasions.
Trident No More event photoJanet Fenton, who will travel with the delegation, said: “To vote for Trident renewal would be an appalling decision in itself but it would also show complete contempt for Scottish rejection of nuclear weapons. We are also being side-lined and misrepresented on the international stage by the UK’s refusal to show up for the UN’s multilateral disarmament negotiations. Does Theresa May really want to go down in history as the prime minister who led the UK into a further 50 years of nuclear insanity?”

trident-no-more bremner graphicMeanwhile momentum is gathering for the TRIDENT NO MORE demonstrations being planned for Saturday . As of this evening protests are planned in 22 different locations nationwide Saturday 16th July at noon from Wick to Dumfries, from Largs to Edinburgh. The full list of locations of demonstrations and more information about how to organise a demo is here.
If a Demo is not listed in your town or city why not organise one?  It only takes a few people with placards or a banner to create an event.

The main things to do are:
  •  identify a location and let us know where that is. Contact us using the webform here.
  • Chase up some local people and ask them to come to the demo. Contact friends or people through your networks, faith communities, trade unions …
  • Post details of location and time on the Facebook event page.
  • You can also create your own local Facebook event
  • Trident No More - Grey SubPrint out or make some placards by hand and a banner if someone can bring one.
  • There are graphics available to download for posters placards, leaflets and social media are here.
  • If possible contact local media.  A Template Press Release is available here. Or Draft and send out your own to local press. Or you can just ring up your local paper or radio station to a let them know the demo is one of manyTridentNoMore demos taking place across Scotland prior to the vote scheduled for Monday on Trident Replacement.
  • Taliking points for talking to the media are available here.
  •  If you want help or advice contact us  or via the Facebook event page here. Or via the webform here.

And please be sure to let us know about your plans.

For anyone who has ever opposed nuclear weapons this is a crucial moment to stand up and be counted as opposing Theresa May’s plan to base nuclear weapons in Scotland for 50 more years.