Joan McAlpine, MSP, says “Scrap Trident!”

Joan McAlpine

Joan McAlpine, MSP for the South of Scotland, supports Scrap Trident. She told us:

1 quotation marks blueEach Trident sub carries forty nuclear bombs. Each bomb is eight times more destructive than the one that killed 140’000 civilian in Hiroshima during WWII. These killing machines are berthed fewer than ten miles from major population centres such as Inverclyde, Dumbarton and Clyde Bank.

Even if a conventional rocket-fuel explosion occurred while the weapons were being loaded at Coulport on loch Long, the blast would send large quantities of plutonium across Scotland. It’s no wonder the CND have thrown their weight behind an Independent Scotland. It’s the only way to get rid of these obscene weapons.2 quotation marks blue