Marco Biagi, MSP, says “Scrap Trident!”

Marco Biagi MSPMarco Biagi, MSP for Edinburgh Central, supports Scrap Trident. He told us:

1 quotation marks blueNuclear weapons exist for one purpose. You can’t use them for peacekeeping, for disaster relief, or for humanitarian intervention. You can only use them for mass destruction -all the terrible human cost of the Iraq War in one place in one second. ‘Deterrence’ is code for threatening to do just that.

 No nation should be spending billions on son of Trident when so many of her sons and daughters are going without. The great majority of nations in this world ensure their security without the immorality and wasting nuclear weapons. We should follow their lead, take a step towards a nuclear-free world and consign Trident to the scrapyard of history.2 quotation marks blue