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Bairns Not Bombs Blockade. Monday 13 April.

BBC confirms lack of imagination with number of arrests headline
Daily Record Opinion piece by Annie Brown includes a poll asking whether we should keep Trident.
Russian news agency Sputnik has three goes
…whilst RT concentrates on tweets
and links to London demo (which unfortunately looks tiny)
As already mentioned, The Times has a great pic but requires subscription to read rest of article
Quite a fair report from Forces News
International Business Times keeps up
…as does Cuba
Edinburgh Reporter lives up to its name
…and Sunderland Echoes with supportive clergy
The National has a more creative headline
and was in early before the blockade
…whilst The Courier reverts to type
Reasonable coverage in the Scotsman but the bile in their comments section shows up their readership in a very poor light
Herald gets all “human interest” on us
STV report includes nice quote from Brian
The Record keeps up the “arrests mean headlines” tack
and a welcome link to related support
Interesting opinion piece too
Interesting article in the FT on the day of our blockade fails to mention what’s actually happening…
Whilst another manages to mention that the Scottish Greens were with us and then links to a 2003 article!
Talk about out of touch?
Press TV gets a bit mixed up with its TV report and rather lazily concentrates most of its report on London protest
but does a little better on its website
The Guardian manages to miss the news entirely even as it tries to form opinion on the subject – go figure

Great pic of Penny Stone singning & playing guitar makes front cover of Washington DCs paper of record.

 Barins Not Bombs Demo. Saturday 4 April. 2015.

Thousands attend anti-Trident rally in Glasgow. The Herald. 4 April 2015.

1,000s of protesters in Glasgow slam Trident nuclear program“. Press TV. Sun Apr 5, 2015.

Bairns Not Bombs: Hundreds say no to Trident in Glasgow rally (PHOTOS). RT. April 04, 2015

Election 2015: Thousands attend anti-Trident rally in Glasgow. BBC. 4 April 2015.

‘Bairns not Bombs’ rally shows Scottish opposition to Trident. Ekkessia. 4 Apr 2015.

Thousands gather at anti-Trident rally. Sunday Post. 4 Apr 2015.

In pictures: Thousands of protesters turn out for anti-Trident demonstration in Glasgow.  Daily Record. 4 April 2015.


Thousands of protesters gather for anti-Trident demonstration. STV News. 4 April 2015.

Trident is ‘red line’ in talks says Sturgeon. Evening Times. Evening Times. 7 April 2015.

Patrick Harvie: Something has changed – support building to scrap renewal of Trident nuclear weapons. Daily Record. 6 April 2015.

Bairns Not Bombs Scrap Trident. Independence Live. 4 April 2015.

Photo. The Observer. 5 April 2015.