Scotland has spoken on Trident

The people of Scotland have long opposed UK nuclear weapons. But now we are in a new situation. On 7th May 56 of the candidates we voted into Scottish seats in Parliament are members of a party whose absolute opposition to Trident was central to the campaign.

BnB-crowd (1) Our Scottish Parliament has already said it rejects Trident; and now almost every MP from a Scottish constituency (in a parliament with control over defence matters) is totally against it. Yet in spite of this, the new UK government is still planning to compel Scotland to continue to host a weapon system, any use of which would inevitably result in the indiscriminate killing of large numbers of civilians, including children, devastate the environment and cause widespread famine and death while the fallout would cause untold numbers of deaths and birth defects to future generations.

To squander £100 Billion on replacing these hideous weapons while cutting spending on services to the poorest and most vulnerable people is not acceptable. It’s clear – the people of Scotland want the UK’s nuclear weapons to be scrapped. Scotland’s voice on this matter must be heard.

We do not think it is likely that the new London government will be easily deflected from its insane determination to renew Trident. But it can be done. We must apply every peaceful means to ensure a complete change to a sane approach to human security.