Scrap Trident Announces Bairns Not Bombs Spring Campaign

The Scrap Trident Coalition will follow its 30 November #TridentHasToGoNow demo at Faslane with a Spring Campaign with theme: #BairnsNotBOMBS. JOIN the demo in Glasgow 28 March and at a Big Blockade of Faslane 13 April. Please Save the Dates! Let’s lift children out of poverty, fund the NHS and education.

Interest in our campaign surged immediately following the independence referendum demonstrating that Scotland is united in opposing nuclear weapons, not only because they represent a terrible waste of resources that we want directed to fund human needs, but because we do not want to live in a country that relies on the threat of mass murder and devastation to guarantee our own security.

In that context we felt that the time was right to step up grassroots campaigning on this issue, on which a vast majority of Scottish people agree. As we move towards the next general election we are acutely aware that the next UK Parliament will make the Main Gate decision in early 2016 as to whether to commit £100 Billion to the renewal of Trident, a decision which will determine whether the UK will continue to harbour nuclear weapons for the next 50 years. We are aware too that the three main Westminster parties show no signs of changing course on this issue while Scotland is certain to return a raft of MPs who will stand against Trident, possibly even changing the political calculus altogether. And Trident must be a red line issue in the event that our representatives have the opportunity to determine the makeup of the next government. At the least Scotland’s representatives will certainly raise the issue of Trident in the next Parliament in a way that has not been possible for many years.

In this context we are convinced of the importance of sending a strong grassroots message that Scotland is resolute in its opposition to the continued presence of nuclear weapons. Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said at SNP Conference that the Independence referendum started a democratic revolution that is reaching beyond Scotland. That revolution will continue and will include both mass demonstrations for a shift in priorities away from nuclear weapons to funding human needs and nonviolent direct action that resists weapons of mass destruction as long as the Westminster government persists in deploying them.

The Scrap Trident Coalition is made up of organisations and political parties in Scotland that are united in opposing the deployment of nuclear weapons from our shores. In April 2013 the coalition organised the biggest demonstration against nuclear weapons in Scotland in years under the theme “Let Scotland Lead the Way to a Nuclear Free World”. Thousands gathered in George Square calling for the UK to scrap Trident and fund human needs. And on the following Monday, in the tradition that Nicola Sturgeon herself paid tribute to at the 2007 Summit for a Scotland Free of Nuclear Weapons we blocked the gates of Faslane. 27 MSPs including the First Minister signed statements of support.

With the independence referendum we have seen an unprecedented surge in involvement in politics. The #TridentHasToGoNow and #BairnsNotBOMBS demos and blockade will provide an opportunity for all those new political activists to join with veterans of the peace and disarmament movement in pushing for nuclear disarmament at a time when there is tangible hope for success. We need you to join us now. Sign up for buses to Faslane for the 30 November demo here and SAVE the DATES for 28 March & 13 April.