Scrap Trident Blockade Day Photos

Czech CND family with Jane LCheck out the  photos from the South Gate here. and here. And here are photos from the North Gate.  And here are links to widespread mainstream press coverage, from The Evening Times to The Telegraph.  It was a great day with an exceptionally peaceful atmosphere as  you can see from all the smiles in the photos.

And, contrary to Argyll & Bute Councillor George Freeman’s assessment in the local press it was a big success. People came from across Scotland, England, Wales, France, Germany, Netherlands and New Zealand to help shut down Faslane for three solid hours. Forty six people were arrested. The police handled the situation well with no injuries. It was the first time for many to come to Faslane to participate in the supporting blockade. No doubt they will be back again – soon.  A group of US youth held a solidarity vigil at the Trident base in Bangor Washington on the Pacific coast and we linked up to them by Skype singing We Shall Overcome together across an ocean and a continent! Many veterans were arrested, and more importantly many were arrested for the first time. Many thanks to all those who filled lots of support roles, cooking, driving, legal support, social media, making cups of tea and cakes, taking photos and much more over the weekend.

The blockade itself made a great contribution to The Global Day of Action Against Military Spending, with reports in The Guardian and The Evening Times mentioning it.

A number of us will now be heading to the AGM of the international nuclear disarmament network Abolition 2000 where we will report on the weekend activities and feed into planning strategy and action in the global campaign.  Keep following us on Facebook and Twitter @ScrapTrident There will be more photos and video coming out as the week goes on. And we all need to be thinking, what next?