The Reid Foundation says Scrap Trident


Truly, Scotland’s most well-known trade union activist, Jimmy Reid, should need no introduction here but, just in case you’re not familiar with the man and his work, suffice to say that he was an inspiring and passionate figure; a great working-class orator, politician, and thinker born in Govan, Glasgow. His role as spokesman and one of the leaders in the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Work-in between June 1971 and October 1972 attracted international recognition.

The Jimmy Reid Foundation was established in 2011 by the Scottish Left Review, the political magazine which was Jimmy’s last major political project.

The Foundation is not affiliated to any political party or organisation but works closely with anyone interested in a more progressive future for Scotland. By making strenuous efforts to maintain party political neutrality the Foundation aims to offer a home for all people of the left in Scotland.

The Foundation is based around a work programme (you can find out more about the current programme here) which is set and overseen by a Project Board. The Project Board is made up of leading Scottish thinkers in their area and is intentionally non-party political.

Robin McAlpine is Director of the Jimmy Reid Foundation, Editor of the Scottish Left Review and author of No Idea: Control, Liberation and the Social Imagination. He told Scrap Trident:

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There are an awful lot of powerful people in Britain who are desperate to believe that even though the Scottish people say they don’t want Trident they don’t really mean what they say.

That’s why it is so important to send out a clear message that the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Scotland really is a live issue and one that will not go away. The tide is turning against these expensive and illegal remnants of another era and we can play a major role in hammering one more nail into the coffin – if we make our voice heard on 13 April.
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