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About Us

Trident News is part of a small group of online press release websites that provide business with the opportunity to get high visibility news coverage about their business in prime location. Getting exposure like this on a news site is virtually impossible or extremely expensive.

At Trident News, we make possible, front page news coverage for business as well as feature location of the business news story on our featured news page.

How Trident News Came To Be Trident

We found a great domain that was newsworthy and decided to run with it. The domain is scraptrident.org. We selected this domain because of the high profile news angle that Trident has had over the years. The domain had previously been covering news stories about the military Trident defence system, including coverage of blockades and campaigns for nuclear disarmament as well as the main “scrap trident” campaign.

We liked the domain and the coverage / news angle and now push forward in a less controversial form of media such as business news.

Trident News