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Business Data Being Stolen By Russian Hackers - How To Protect Your Networks

Russian hackers are trying to steal sensitive information from the computers of large companies and governments. Most businesses, large or small, don’t have any IT departments that are trained in dealing with this type of threat. This leaves companies wide open to a very dangerous attack from someone with malicious intent. These hackers attack not only information but also specific business processes like financial systems and human resources. The information they can steal includes employee social security numbers, credit card information, employee data and more.

Hackers working for these Russian criminals can easily slip through layers of security and penetrate even the most heavily secured networks. They can leave behind a trail of blood and money. Many large companies that use computers for their business activities may not be aware that they are at risk from these Russian hackers. If they do, they are not adequately protecting themselves.

An important way to protect your business is by monitoring your computers for malicious activity. There are plenty of reasons that you should be doing this. Hackers can use computers to carry out illegal activities like identity theft. They can also use them to send out spam or otherwise carry out activities that are designed to do some harm to a company or expose personal information.

As an example, there was a news story that hit the media recently about how computers were being used to distribute fake emails to millions of people. The viruses that are being spread are actually malicious software that can really cause a lot of damage. Even if you don’t download anything at all from these computers, you could be opening up yourself up to a dangerous attack. In some cases, the viruses are so damaging that entire computers have to be replaced.

Of course, even the most secure network is not 100% secure. Russian hackers are constantly trying to break into companies so they can steal as much information as they can. This means that your company has to rely on other methods for prevention. Software that monitors network activity is one such tool.

You should also have firewalls installed on your server as well. Firewalls work by blocking data that is transferred out of your company’s computer systems. Hackers can use a variety of methods to bypass these protections. However, a dedicated firewall will prevent them from accessing important information. In addition to having a dedicated firewall in place, you should also regularly test your firewall. This will help you make sure that it is working properly and that it is able to protect your company’s network from hackers.

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